Braxton, the 3rd son of the fictional Prince of Wales, is hell-bent on ripping free from the gilded cage that is his life. Brilliant, driven, courageous and true-to-self, the prince breaks with social norms and lives life on his terms. War, treachery, fluid sexuality, genius, luxury, death, romance…

When a fiery prank goes wrong, Prince Braxton, the third son of the fictional Prince and Princess of Wales, blazes onto the scene.

His fateful act sets in motion this alternate history of the nineteenth century that journeys across continents with the larger-than-life prince as a guide. Can the spare heir forge his own path to build an economic empire?

Start your journey into history’s most dynamic century through the eyes of an undaunted, rakish, youth today!

This first volume of four in the entire saga features a century of world wars and engineering marvels that one might recognize with requited and unrequited love, romances that defy social mores, death, revolutions, and espionage that casts this tale into one that could have been had Prince Braxton been real.