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Rocky Chambers is your quintessential high school jock and man on campus. He's smart, he's intuitive, and struggling. Struggling with a deep dark secret.  His idyllic privileged life of surfing and basking in his successes is teetering. His secret has compromised and divided his family.

Rocky dotes on his girlfriend Belinda. She's a great girl and loves Rocky. But something is missing in their relationship. 

Rocky has a life long best friend. A friendship that in his Junior year evolves. Umberto fills the void Belinda can't, until Umberto is....

The U.S. Naval Academy provides an escape. But first, a whole new world of gratuitous and voracious ... is unveiled in the bowels of New York City, leading to another discovery.

Upperclassman Nick Jeffries is supposed to coach and mentor Plebe Rocky Chambers on the Annapolis football team. He does that and more. Nick opens the door and Rocky enters, taking charge of their lives. Follow Rocky through his air combat, his assignation in the White House, Sheila, the Turners and ultimately the Nicky's election and the first married male couple and Rocky is First Spouse Of The United States: FSOTUS

Experience Novels Written by JRSTRAYVEJR

The History and Mystery Behind Braxton’s Century


Braxton’s Century begins in 1866, in Southwest England, one day’s carriage ride from London. Most people in this period in history had only candlelight to illuminate the night. The most efficient means of transportation was on horseback. Train travel and telegraphy were available only in the most industrialized areas of the world.

Most of the characters in Braxton’s Century are fictional. They live alongside authentic historical events spanning the Greatest Century. Some real historical characters are dramatized, but not marginalized to compliment the story. The times depicted in the novel are portrayed as accurately as possible.

Changing historical facts to accommodate the story can be a disconcerting casualty of fiction. In this Historical Fiction, the English royal family and most of the imperial houses in Europe have been altered.

If our story were true, Queen Victoria would have been the reigning sovereign. Sad to say, she does not exist in this novel. The author hopes that Anglophiles will forgive the plot and grant him literary license for this presumptuous calamity.

The Royal Family in Braxton's Century


Our chronicle begins with a fictional English king and queen consort. Their Majesties sired the fictional Prince of Wales, Richard. The middle-aged crown prince has been married to Princess Mercedes, formerly the Contessa Mercedes de Chiacontella, for about twenty years. More on this fabulous female later.Our Protagonist, Prince Braxton, the third son of the Prince of Wales and Mercedes is about six-years-old as our tale unfolds. The precocious prince has two older sisters, Princes Diedre and Princess Carmen. Braxton also has two much older brothers. Prince Dominic, heir presumptive is about eighteen years old. Prince John is sixteen. He has a lover, Viscount Ramsey. 

The Historical Backdrop of the Novel


 England and Europe are maturing as industrialized economies. This phenomenon has transpired over the previous fifty years. Western Europe and England are experiencing “growing pains.”These agonies, are not unlike those experienced today as technology takes over our twenty-first-century lives. Then, like today, these huge changes leave many people behind while propelling others to great wealth and power.Economies in an uproar create political maelstroms. Such was the case in the middle of the 1800s when revolutions swept Europe. Our characters and Europe are struggling to establish an equilibrium in which to live their lives while attempting to harness the industrial economic revolution.Magnificent palaces, grand balls, grander armies, extravagant jewels, and gowns are the backdrop to three imperial houses in turmoil fueled by widespread political unrest. A bankrupt Russia and its former serfs emerging from slavery embrace the industrial revolution compromising the Russian status quo.Japan exiting the era of the Samurai strives to assimilate Westernization, laying the foundation for its imperialist aspirations. Hong Kong, India, and America are part of a web that nurtures the seeds of globalization that will be depicted author JR Strayve Jr.’s trilogy sequel, Millennial Moguls Unhinged.Society’s rules and conventions are unraveling. The reader will find our characters caught in this whirlwind of change. Some will be victorious. Some will remain unscathed. Some will be destroyed.Dear reader, the author hopes that you will find the characters and their lives inspiring, overwhelming, genuine, empowering, and cathartic. May their lessons live to give you courage and solace. Without a doubt, you will be moved.I invite you to explore my website: to learn more.If you’ve enjoyed this post, help support the publication of Braxton’s Century by donating on GoFundMe. 

Meet the Author


The seeds of this novel started rumbling around in Strayve’s imagination decades ago. He says, “Whenever I read historical material, I find myself feeling like I am in the scene. Sometimes I have a running commentary going on in my brain, and sometimes my imagination changes events to reflect what I might have done had I actually been there.” Strayve has a bit of Author James Thurber’s daydreaming character Walter Mitty in him. As the father of three adult children and three grandchildren, creating stories for them was one of the best parts of parenting for this true creative.

Braxton’s Century came to life after Strayve suffered an accident in 2016 and was only able to work part-time as a financial planner for an extended period. Fatigued and weakened by illness, he passed out while working out at a gym where he regularly exercised. After the accident it took a few months to regain his strength, so he would go for long walks to exercise and refocus his thoughts. He says that during those walks in the inspiring beauty of San Diego where he lives, he reverted to the “daydreaming, window-gazing, wildly imaginative” days of his youth which gave birth to Prince Braxton.

Strayve’s favorite person in history is Winston Churchill who was born in 1875. His familiarity with the time-period, vivid imagination, and literary license determined that Prince Braxton would be born in 1860. This Epic novel chronicles Prince Braxton’s life through and up until his 100th birthday. The character is brilliant, strikingly handsome, and lives a life robust with travel, wealth, intrigue, love, and loss. Early readers have compared Strayve’s storytelling to that of multiple bestselling author Ken Follett.

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