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Hi, I‘m Jerry Strayve
JR Strayve JR
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Here's a bit more about what I write (and why)...

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Writing gives me the opportunity to work out ideas, concepts, and anything else that might be on my mind. It is a practical exercise in delving deeply into something that I know interests me and hopefully my readers. Creating characters and inventing scenarios allow me to polish the facets that refract the messages shimmering from within the diadem, the story.

In many of my books I address people fighting societal boundaries, living lives unfairly impacted by the status quo. In my first published book, FIRST SPOUSE OF THE UNITED STATES: ‘Star Athlete & War Hero Battles Societal Boundaries and Washington Elite.’
Throughout my stories, normal people, flawed, imperfect, noble, and good and bad, confront their demons, frailties and vagaries of life. Some are victorious, others are not. But the confrontations, the battles, they bear fruit. Most importantly, the characters are empowered by what they become.

And yes, I write to entertain myself and my readers. If each chapter doesn’t leave the reader wanting more, then I have failed. That hasn’t happened (and that is my continued promise to you, my reader).
Jerry Strayve
By Jerry Strayve
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In POTUS DOWN, a stand-alone sequel to the best-seller, FIRST SPOUSE OF THE UNITED STATES, President Nicholas Chamber-Jeffries is the embodiment of hope and change for the American people. He is a charismatic leader, a Naval Academy graduate, a former senator, and the first openly gay man elected president. But just as his family is leaving the Inauguration Viewing Stand, a gunshot shatters the air, and chaos explodes!
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