BRAXTON'S CENTURY VOLUME 1 due out Late Spring 2020

Join our protagonist Prince Braxton as he blazes a sizzling trail from the 1860s to the 1960s, the most dynamic 100 years in history, a century of world wars, engineering marvels, romance, death, revolutions, spies, requited and unrequited love.

With extravagant literary license, the author has expunged the Victorian Royal Family and replaced it with his own. In this historical dystopia, Braxton is the third son of the fictional Prince Richard and Princess Mercedes of Wales. 

Fourth in line to the throne, Braxton seizes hold of his life, escapes the rarified air of the aristocracy and sets about building an economic empire encompassing  Europe, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and the Americas. All this alongside wars, the Industrial Revolution, murder, assassinations, and sexual assignations. Dive into this saga and journey alongside Braxton as he tears through life on his own terms, crafting history’s greatest century!


Braxton's Century Video

Author, J.R. Strayve, Jr. introduces his 18th Century Epic novel that spans the History's Greatest Century!