Hawaiian Volcano eruption picture from spaceThe summer of 2018 has given the world an opportunity to see the raw power of Mother Earth through the awakening of the Kilauea Volcano on the big island of Hawaii. The fire, deadly ash, and poisonous gas it creates, couples with the molten lava making it’s slow, meticulous way to the ocean. The destruction of everything in its path has made a statement to which island residents and their leaders must listen. We are witnessing a similar rumbling of energy from men and women worldwide, and the effects of an unstoppable eruption and lava flow of human spirit seeking equanimity for all mankind.

An energy is exploding creating fissures worldwide in our quest to collectively secure humankind’s unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.


The Fight for Freedom and Liberty Through the Ages

Athens GreeceThink back to early Greece and the Volcano-of-Freedom that sprang forth from the battle fought near the Bay of Marathon in 490 B.C. It was on this battlefield that 9000 Greeks fought to secure their freedom, creating the first democratic form of government. This was the first of many future eruptions throughout history leading to the present day that have spewed forth and created fissures that were and are the people demanding the rights that were created and guaranteed by the creator.

The renewed recognition for contemporary peoples to advance the rights of man throughout history is the sometimes-dormant volcano; the advancing of the cause is the lava, ash, and fire that continuously advances, changing the landscape of civilization.

Signing of Decleration of IndependnceRemember, the United States of America’s Founding Fathers were themselves, a volcano and the citizens its fissures that secured our republic and its freedoms. The colonists fought to free themselves from the tyranny of the English king. A totalitarian ruler that arbitrarily ruled, taxed, and abused the peoples of a vibrant and dynamic society.

The French revolutionaries soon followed the Americans by ridding themselves of the tyrannical government of King Louis XIV and many unscrupulous ministers and aristocracy. The explosion of the parvenu in Paris created fissures seeking liberty that spread throughout France and parts of Europe.

French revolution


The Quest for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness Today

Lady Liberty French RevolutionToday we are witness to the continued flow of the fissures that are peoples seeking Freedom to live out their lives to its fullest potential. Americans continue to make demands for diversity, inclusion, equality, and rights planted as seeds and nourished by generations. The Statue of Liberty represents many things to many billions throughout the world. The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness is contagious.

Volcanic activity is, by its nature, destructive. We have all witnessed the complete destruction of homes, roads, communities, and beautiful island landscapes in Hawaii; and most recently tropical jungles and villages in Guatemala. We have seen the tragic loss of people and animals. If humankind was the arbiter of nature, my guess is that volcanos and their destructive nature would not be part of the plan. But we, the people are not in charge. We are the catalyst, and we provoke change.

Again, with the volcanic activity comes destruction, change, and evolution of the human spirit. Ancient Pompeii was a teeming city of vibrant and prosperous people before Vesuvius wiped it out in 79 A.D. Over 11,000 people died primarily from the intense 482 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, then were covered with 82 feet of ash. They lay buried, not to be discovered for 1500 years. We, the people are the fissures, the heat that brings change and hope.

volcanic fissuresThe fissures of freedom evidencing mankind’s quest for its unalienable rights has wreaked havoc through time. The Greeks removed the autocratic rule of petty princes. When pruning a society of its past transgressions, the act and regrowth that proceeds the subsequently revealed beauty of freedom and equality can be horrifyingly painful and unfair. This could not be better illustrated than the untold innocents slaughtered, guillotined by Parisienne mobs. The lives lost and families destroyed in the American revolution still echo in history books today. WWI liberated millions from the autocratic rule of three European and Russian Emperors. Millions of lives and economic ruin lay in the wake of this change, only to be usurped temporarily by the Axis powers in WWII.

The paradise that is today Hawaii emerged from the destruction and violence of volcanic eruption. While America may not qualify as a paradise, the freedoms its citizens enjoy relative to many populations of the earth is indeed paradise. America has made many sacrifices for freedom. They fought in the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and in the Middle East for decades. Liberty must be maintained and protected. It is easily lost. The Crimea and Venezuela have lost their democratic governments to usurpers.

Americans have also facilitated freedom for many people throughout the world. Acts of charity such as the Marshall Plan and sending billions worldwide to feed, clothe, and save lives in less fortunate lands are examples of American attempts to foster freedom. Americans continue to erupt and create fissures to advance freedom worldwide. Our Founding Fathers created the lava flow of freedom spreading worldwide.


Can North Korea Attain Liberty?

North Korean FamilyThe human spirit is the lava of courage, resolve, patience, diplomacy, military might, and faith breaking through the bounds of oppression. This lava is in the process of freeing the people of North Korea. Keep an eye on the fissures that will begin to surely, slowly, and steadily advance from within and outside the Hermit Kingdom.

We do not know if the recent summit will be the lava flow that secures freedom for the North Korean people. However, we do know that one day their freedom will be secured through the continued volcanic activity of the human spirit so effectively illustrated through the actions of our Founding Fathers.

Please take a moment to ruminate on these concepts. Your comments are welcome. What do you think?

Is freedom growing? Is it evolving? Is it redefining itself? Is it shrinking?

North Korean ArmyDo the oppressed such as those in North Korea have a possibility of enjoying their freedom? Could the reality of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall be replicated by the elimination of the Demilitarized Zone that lies between the two Koreas?

When I was writing my soon to be published book, Braxton’s Century, I created a fictional reality where the oppressed masses and once serfs within Russia rose up assisted in part by the leadership of an enlightened noblewoman assisted by my protagonist Braxton.

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